Another Year, Another Blog

April 13, 2007

Hi all of you Big Brother fans.  I hope you’re ready for another year of BB fun.  I am and I’ve set up a new blog for the 2007 season.

Point your browsers to and add it to your bookmarks and RSS readers!

See you on the other side!


The Winner is… Jamie!

August 1, 2006

There you have it, the end of BB06 and Jamie was the winner.  I’m glad that someone interesting with a real personality won it this year.  He really did contribute to the drama in the house and for that reason, I think him a worthy winner.

Camilla did put her heart into it and showed her true character.  She was the mouthpiece for the other housemates when they wouldn’t speak out against new personalities, in particular, Perry.  I do think she would have been extremely difficult to live with, but she also was a major contributor to the drama and interest in the house.  I think the final three were all worthwhile finalists.

This year’s grand finale show was a massive effort.  I think it is the biggest production yet.  It was nice to see all of the former housemates come back to watch the show with Jamie and Camilla.  The dramatic lovers reunion with Jamie and Katie was as well staged as their farewell kiss.  The drinks in the house were a nice touch too, but for the housemates it would have seemed far too short a time.  It was more for the benefit of the viewers.

The announcement of the winner was shifted back into the house this year.  I think they must have realised that the way they did it last year was a disservice to the runner up.  I think it is better in the house… we get to watch the winner pace around the house in hysterics!

John and Ashley weren’t invited back to the grand finale which must have made them feel awful.  I know I would feel like crap if that was me.  I’m glad that their ejection from the house wasn’t excluded in the season recap.

The Underneath the Radar cover version that Danielle performed with the aid of the housemate dancers was fun.  It would have taken a lot of guts for me to go out dressed like Gaelan and DinoRob was funny with his cheerleader skirt too!  I bet Krystal was pissed off that she missed to opportunity to sing instead of Danielle.

It was also good that the Friday Night Games people got to make an appearance on the final show.  They have been a big part of the show this year and should be acknowledged.  I can’t believe last night was the first time that Gretel Killeen and Mike Goldman have appeared on camera together.  Is it just me or did Gretel seem to have a kind of arrogance toward Mike as if she thinks is the true star of the show.  Mike works a lot harder each series with his voiceovers, Up Late and Friday Night Games.

So, all in all, it has been an interesting season.  As I have mentioned previously, I think the actual show would have been more interesting if the housemates had have been more diverse and Big Brother was more cheeky than mean.  There were a lot of good points, with the addition of the one hour weekend recap on Sunday nights before the eviction show.  The added dimension of the 2SAVE votes was also good.  I thought it was a pity that Adult’s Only didn’t make it to the end of the season.  Next year, if there is a series, AO should be more personality than sex driven… but make sure the humorous montages are retained!

Finally I would personally like to thank all of visitor to Brad’s Big Brother Blog.  It has been an interesting ride for someone with very little previous success in blogging.  I have had over 57,000 hits since the start of the series.  I would also dearly like to thank all of the regular commenters… you most of all have made this worthwhile.  It’s nice to talk about Big Brother and to me, discussing it is what it’s all about.

All the best,


Hooroo Max and David

July 31, 2006

I wasn’t surprised to see Max evicted first, but I was suprised by David obviously.  The last week of BB is alway full of surprises and it can be very hard to pick who is going to receive the most votes.  Especially this year with the 2SAVE and EVICT votes in the mix.

I think both Max and David were good housemates.  I have said previously that I think Max would have gone at least this far if he had been in from the beginning.  David has been and endless source of drama in the house and quite an interesting person to observe with his personal code and morals.

Wasn’t David‘s tearful reunion with Sharif spectacular? And a gay kiss to top it off.  I wonder if those fuddy duddies are up in arms about that happening on a family show with kids present?

It’s good this year that for deciding the ultimate winner, that viewers can both choose to 2SAVE and EVICT.  In previous years, it has been quite confusing when on the second last night viewers and voters are asked to vote for who they want to win after voting for who they want to evict all season.

Well, it’s the last few hours until we will know who wins.  It’s always a tough call, but I am going to stick to my guns and say that the winner will be Camilla.  Although, you never can tell, Jamie might just pull it off.

Special Visitors

July 31, 2006

Wasn’t that sweet?  Inviting the remaining housemate’s mothers (and best friend) into the house to look around and leave things for them while they had lunch with BB in the diary room.  Big Brother and his banter was hilarious during the meal.  I think instead of being a tough ass all series, he should have been like this and more playful with the housemates.

Max was hilarious when they found the cooking in the kitchen and he knew straight away that it was his mum’s.  Jamie‘s mum seemed to be a good sport with the preening in the mirror stuff… but it looks like he gets spoiled at home.

I did find it a bit sickly when they showed the footage to the housemates that they turned on the manipulative music and put it in slow motion.  How could Camilla not cry?

Final Week in Review

July 29, 2006

Well, sorry I’ve been out of the blogosphere on the last week of BB.  I’ll be blogging regularly now until the end.  I promise.

This week as with all final weeks of Big Brother, can be a little dull.  All of the interesting people are usually gone and the task given to the housemates is usually a nice feel good task.  Having said that, I did like the dominoes task this week.  It was good that they gave the housemates a camera to follow the action… and to get in close on the product placement too! 😉

After Chris was evicted, Big Brother advised the housemates that they have survived and have become the Final Four.  That puts them all up for eviction this Sunday night.  I guess this means that another two will be coming out leaving the cliff hanger of who wins out of the two to Monday night.  I do wonder though if they will change that this year so that one leaves this Sunday and then the remaining three stay for the Monday.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Jamie really seems to have risen in popularity this week.  It’s a long way from the narcissitic bad behaviour of a few weeks back when he was nominated a couple of times.  I wonder if he can win it?

David has been a bit of a drama queen this week.  Especially after Claire and Krystal were evicted and he did the whole crying in the rain thing.  I suspect he is incredibly popular with the viewers and will get a lot of the 2SAVE votes in the lead up to the end.

Camilla is huge.  She has managed to tap into the zeitgeist the same way that Sara-Marie from BB01 did.  A huge number of weeks up for eviction and escaped everyone of them to make it to the end.

Max… well, what can I say?  I honestly think if they had have put him in the show from the beginning, he still would have made it to the end.  He seems to be a very nice person, entertaining to watch and very good to live with.  I loved his comment about the types of girls he finds attractive.   He generally doesn’t go for good looking girls because he likes girls with personality.  I thought it was funny when he said, he doesn’t mean any disrepect to good looking girls.  Good on ya Max, but I don’t think they’ve got anything to worry about.

Friday Night Live – The Prize Fight was fun to watch… the games seemed to be some of the most well thought out this series.  I especially enjoyed watching all of the housemates crash through the doors.  I would love to have a go at something like that.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings, I will write again after the Sunday eviction.  At this stage I think the game will play out with Max going next, then Jamie, leaving David and Camilla as the final two.

The winner, I think will be Camilla… but, we’ll have to wait and see.

Goodbye Chris

July 29, 2006

So Chris was the replacement housemate least liked by the viewers.  I’m not surprised.  Even though I kinda liked the way he put Camilla in her place.  I think he was a major tosser.

His habit of wearing white underpants and letting them get wet in the shower was a bit strange.  Why didn’t he just take them off… maybe because he knew that Adult’s Only had been axed and nobody would have seen him in the shower otherwise.

Oh well, now it’s the home stretch.  Let’s see if Max makes it past Sunday.

Nominations 12

July 29, 2006

Due to the retrospective nature of this entry, I will merely report the nominees…

  • Camilla
  • Chris
  • David
  • Max

Thanks to Jamie‘s victory on the Friday Night Games, he used the three point deduction to save himself from possible eviction.

My prediction for eviction would probably have been Chris, but hindsight is 20/20 right?

No Bloggage

July 25, 2006

Sorry for the lack of bloggage today.  I have been working on some urgent stuff.  Promise I’ll write more tomorrow.

Hambani Kahle Claire and Krystal

July 24, 2006

I can’t believe it!  Wha’ happened?  Are Max and Chris so insignificant on people’s radars that they don’t even warrant getting voted for?

It was one hell of a shock to see Claire and Krystal evicted from the house last night that I’m still getting over it!!  The funniest thing was poor Max and Chris when they realised that they had both survived then had to reenter the house.  I’m sure I heard Max say to Chris that he didn’t want to go back to them.

Don’t get me started about David and Camilla‘s reactions to Max and Chris‘ reentry.  Jamie did the ‘right’ thing and went up to hug them upon their return.  All David and Camilla could do was howl at the moon and scream WHY!!!

That is funny television!  We better be careful that one of the replacement housemates doesn’t take the prize.

Family Dinner Feud

July 21, 2006

Well, wasn’t that a dramatic family dinner on last night’s daily show?

David does seem to go a little mad when he is standing up to these people, but really, I can’t blame him.  They would drive me crazy too.  Sometimes it seems like the younger, cooler people are from a different planet.  Did they really need to have the difference between hygiene and cleanliness explained to them?  Especially in light of the rumour that tinea is rife in the house.

I was pleased to see that Claire finally spoke up about an issue… and then… Camilla decides to bare her teeth and accuses Claire of taking sides driving her into a fit of tears.

Krystal seems to like attacking David in particular.   I think it’s because she considers David her biggest threat to winning Big Brother… or maybe she really doesn’t like being made to feel ‘insuperior.’

They are all immature.  A mature person would actually consider the criticisms rather than trying to attack someone with whatever crap they can come up with.